Stats and Proof

So you need to see numbers. I get that. Here are a few screen shots and numbers that display the reach and influence that I've built.

name: @DigitalKadi
Followers: 3,721
Ranked #6,290 out of 6,000,000 + users
Facebook: 800+ Friends...who have friends, who have friends (you get the picture!)

I got an A on TwitGrader
I do a great job connecting and engaging on Twitter.

Here is my Twitter Influence: via




I'm also quite the Social Media Maven on the whole:

My original blog:
 Average uniques per month 15k for

Traffic (Unique visitors) on other places I write for: 300,000 per month
IE Family: 10,000 per month  500,000 per month

I contribute to:

360 PR
Marketing By Moms
Glamour Magazine
Help A Mother Out

Coming soon...
Social Peephole on Mingle Media TV

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