My Visual Portfolio

What better way to convince you of my ability than to SHOW you?  Here are some pictures and videos from the work I've done and the places I have been or am slated to go to this year.

The ladies who rock the world of online television!
We met up in Los Angeles to do a special LIVE stream filming of The Modern Mom show in January 2010.

Created and hosted a LIVE event on for Moms and brands. Firefly Vodka, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Word of Mouth Entertainment, Creative Labs and a whole lot of women attended this networking event.

Attended Type A Mom Conference in Asheveille, NC Sept 2009.

Attended BlogHer '09 in Chicago. Attending again in August, 2010 in New York.

I attend Tweet ups on a regular basis. This one was on the set of "Accidentally On Purpose" with actress Jenna Elfman.

Just taped a show on Mom Bloggers in Provo, Utah for LDS Motion Pictures.This video was from my hotel stay. I convinced the hotel to bring me softer toilet paper by Tweeting it!

This is a video that I made from a restaurant I recently reviewed. The owner loved it so much, that he personally emailed me with a thank you note! Way cool!

This video was taken at BlogHer '09 in Chicago for

This video is taken at Paramount Studios when my daughter and I appeared on the Dr. Phil Show.

We also appeared on an episode of Supernanny, but there is no footage available of that at this time. You may read about our episode here.
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